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to Sct. MariŠ Skoles Bigband. We are a youth band of 25 active musicians aged 12-17 years.

The orchestra, led by music teacher Gert N°rgaard, plays a wide repertoire with the emphasis on happy swinging jazz music.

Upcoming concerts


Godheaded at Gl. Torv, Aalborg.

Sct. MariŠ Skoles Bigband plays at worship service 2. Pentecost on Gl. Torv in Aalborg.


Sct. MariŠ School's Big Band Concert in Disneyland, California, October 13, 2014


can be done by contacting the school, or by direct contact with Gert N°rgaard. On the contact page you will find the relevant phone numbers and email addresses. Here you can also download our articles of association.

Donations are welcome on account number:
9280 1945827285


Now you can also use MobilePay. Sct. MariŠ Skoles Bigband has MobilePay number: 35145

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